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  • How strong is a Project Vericia safe compared to a standard handgun safe?
    Our safes are comprehensively engineered to withstand impacts as set forth in the CA DOJ firearm safe devices and safes guidelines. The large majority of competitor safes are not. In short, we meet or exceed other safes in the amount of forces required to compromise the safe and/or the firearm.
  • Is this legal to use as a vehicle handgun safe in California?
    California regulations are extensively intricate and have many overlaps regarding the intent for transport of firearms in vehicles. We cannot provide legal advise to those regards. However, in regards to the legal transportation requirements for vehicle firearm transport, Project Vericia safes deliberately provide the option to seperate the firearm from its magazines using the locked compartment. Since the firearm itself is technically locked when inserted into the slot with the electromagnet activated and the compartment door closed, it complies with California regulations for transporting firearms in vehicles. Please note if the owner of the firearm does not hold a Concealed Carry (CC) Permit, there must be no ammunition in the chamber, and no magazines inserted in the firearm. Otherwise, law enforcement officers may easily classify the firearm as 'locked and loaded', no pun intended.
  • How do I mount it?
    Make sure to mention mounting location when you order, and we will supply the necessary hardware for you to bolt your safe to your desired install. This may be in the form of several screws, a few large bolts, or specialized brackets for armories, LEO, and military applications, just contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

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