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V-1 Preorder Deposit

V-1 Preorder Deposit


This order is for ONE fully refundable deposit on our V1 safe to reserve your place and lock in pricing. Only 50 Founder's Editions will be made. Upon preorder payment, we will reach out to confirm your firearm details and any modifications.



  • CNC Machined billet aircraft aluminum body and doors
  • Hard Anodized, clear or black
  • Biometric fingerprint, keypad, and screen
  • 1200 lb electromagnet and integrated trigger lock
  • Limited Edition plaque
  • Floating Cover - a 1/4" thick impact-resistant cover mounted to the front door, covers the front of the safe including the handgun for protection against the environment



  • Cerakotes - a durable ceramic colored coating.
  • Smart Tint - innovative tint to easily conceal or show your firearm with the touch of a button integrated into our firmware.
  • IoT Connectivity - 24/7 monitoring for your safe through our smartphone/desktop interface, with a Lost or Stolen enabled GPS tracking mode to help recover your firearm.


Custom made to order, estimated delivery is Summer 2020. This model measures approximately 12.875" x 8.25" x 3.75". Dimensions may vary slightly based on firearm and features. Flush mount within a nominal 2'x4' wall is possible with professional installation, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions through our support page.

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    Thanks for your interest, we will reach out as soon as a spot becomes available.

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